Werner Larsson Fiskeeksport A/S is one of Skagen's oldest and most reliable seafood producers rooting back to 1932. Werner Larsson is a flexible manufacturer distributing mainly herring and mackerel of the finest quality.

With increasing demands for healthy and nutritional seafood worldwide, Werner Larsson has adapted accordingly. Old virtues like trust and reliability will continue to be the key element in our relations with business partners around the world. Werner Larssons primary markets are Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Denmark – but exports worldwide.

The clean cold waters surrounding Denmark holds some of the world’s best quality seafood. Werner Larsson has been fishing these waters for generations. Mackerel is caught from large shoals along the coasts of Scandinavia in Skagerrak, the North Sea and the southern Norwegian Sea.

Werner Larsson’s extensive network of reliable fishing fleets delivers fresh fish, which is transported directly for processing at our facilities in Skagen. Years of experience and a strategic close location to the oceans ensures a constant and reliable supply of fresh seafood.

All the way from sea to final product, Werner Larsson always ensures seafood of the highest quality and food safety. Traceability is the trademark of Werner Larsson’s sustainable fishing. Each fish is traced and controlled from catch to finished product with a constant focus on food quality and the environment. Werner Larsson was the first to sell MSC-certified maatjes herring in 2007, documenting sustainable fisheries and leading environmental awareness of the industry.