The clean cold waters surrounding Denmark produce some of the world’s best quality seafood. Werner Larsson has been fishing these waters for generations. Herring is caught from large shoals along the coasts of Scandinavia in Skagerrak, the North Sea and the southern Norwegian Sea.

The herring can be up to 40 cm and feed on plankton as crustaceans and fish larvae. Herring is a surface fish that live in large shoals of up to one million fish. Juvenile and adult fish migrate up through the Danish straits and spread in the Kattegat and eastern North Sea.

Maatjes herring (or Maatjesharing) for the Dutch, Belgian and German markets is another unique and famous Werner Larsson specialty. From the modern factory in Skagen, Denmark, Werner Larsson produce some of the world’s best maatjes herring. Maatjes herring is a unique natural product where the fantastic taste and structure of the herring are in focus.