The clean cold waters surrounding Denmark holds some of the world’s best quality seafood. Werner Larsson has been fishing these waters for generations. Mackerel is caught from large shoals along the coasts of Scandinavia in Skagerrak, the North Sea and the southern Norwegian Sea.

In Danish waters, the mackerel can reach a size of about 50 centimetres and preferably winters in large shoals in deep waters west of the British Isles. In spring mackerel eats zooplankton like copepods, wing nails etc. After spawning mackerel feed on fat of small fish such as herring, sprat and sand eels. In the summer, mackerel wander in large schools to coastal areas and feeds on small fish and small shellfish, such as shrimp.

Werner Larsson has a state of the art processing facility that year round process high quality fish products for wholesale and export. Mackerel products comes in all sorts as a whole round, headless or gutted. In addition, Werner Larsson is the only one to produce Danish hand-cut mackerel fillets.